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IPv6 registration

How much does it cost to register Ipv6 block?

The registration of /48 IPv6 block of addresses costs from 300 up to 500 euros.
The annual RIPE object support costs 150 Euro. The first year of support is included in the registration.

Do you really need IPv6?

If you are here you certainly know that today is too difficult to get IPv4 addresses due to the limited 32-bit address space and the banal lack of addresses. IPv6 is a new version of the IP protocol, which has to solve the problems of the previous version (IPv4). IPv6 uses 128-bit addressing, which gives us about 3*1038 unique addresses. IPv6 is capable of supporting the very large size of the packets (jumbograms) up to 4GB. This capability is very useful for supercomputers which processing data and do not want to be distracted every time when the next portion of 64 KB data comes.  

IPv6 is beginning to spread around the world, forming some kind of “islands” connected by tunnel protocols such as IPv6-over-IPv4. For backward compatibility the majority of nodes that support IPv6 also support IPv4.

If you want to try IPv6, you can register /48 block of addresses without any problems.

Why /48?

RIPE NCC assigns /32 to LIRs and /48 to end-users. /48 is 280 = about 2 million addresses. With such a huge number of addresses you can assign address to any equipment in your network. Online article from RIPE NCC explains how to do this.

How can you get /48 IPv6 block of addresses?

You should name AS of two your uplinks and give the list of equipment supporting the use of v6 protocol.