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IPv4 Leasing

We offer to leasing IP (IPv4) addresses for using in accordance with the RIPE policy. Addresses will registered to your organization or person. Your data will be displayed during whois requests. Leasing price includes support and maintenance of these objects in the RIPE database, assistance and advice in using the RIPE database and managing objects. The objects are assigned in accordance with the contract guaranteeing the provision of services and the possibility of using the objects for an agreed time.

Who are our customers?

Our customers usually small enterprise companies who need IPv4 networks to keep own Internet infrastructure online. Other set of customers are home ISPs who provide internet to end customers. A good amount of customers need IPv4 for there Web Hosting services. Others need IPv4 for own internet projects.

IP network leasing (IPv4) is basic and guaranteed for corporate clients.

The costs are approximate. Specify a more precise offer by request. The cost may vary depending on the destination.

Base price — the IPv4 block number can be replaced on request within two months.

Guaranteed price— the IPv4 block number is assigned to the client and does not change.

We use a service agreement, you get guarantees of the provision of services, prices and costs. For European countries, services can be provided with VAT. There are two types of IP blocks PI and PA. We satisfy all incoming requests for IPv4 addresses. For receiving a special price, please contact us.

We offer fee ASN registration with IPv4 leasing services. You need to give us information about your upstream ISP for BGP sessions.

IP range sizeIPsMonth price offersCurrent Offers
1Network /24 (256 IPv4)256€20,00Ask us for offer
2Network /23 (512 IPv4)512€40,00Ask us for offer
3Network /22 (1024 IPv4)1024€80,00Ask us for offer
4Network /21 (2048 IPv4)2048€160,00 Ask us for offer
5 Network /20 (4096 IPv4) 4096€320,00 Ask us for offer
6 Network /19 (8192 IPv4) 8192€640,00 Ask us for offer

-Why should I rent an IPv4 network?

If you need IP addresses for your organization, renting them may be a good option, especially as a new IPv4 leasing market is emerging. This can be particularly useful for data center companies that need a large block of addresses quickly. An IPv4 address is a unique numerical label assigned to each device on a computer network and is necessary for devices to communicate with one another. While some IP addresses cannot be leased or purchased, leasing can be a flexible option that allows you to adjust your address usage as your needs change. The cost of leasing an IPv4 address depends on various factors, and it’s essential to review the terms and conditions carefully before signing a lease agreement. Renting IPv4 addresses can be a cost-effective option, and dynamic pooling can also help prevent address depletion in the future.

-What is minimal IPv4 Rent period?

You can rent for a minimum period of one month, but if you prefer an extended duration, it is possible to rent for several years.

-How do I rent IPv4?

Please contact us and provide your company registration papers for creating contract. After payment you will receive your subnet within 1 business day.

This is not a complete list, because the entire modern Internet network operates on the basis of the IPv4 protocol.