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Buyer frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Yes. But only if the rules of the network transfer are observed. According to the RIPE NCC policy, it is possible to transfer addresses only if a part or whole original resource holder company was taken over by another company. Also the network should be used on the same purpose as it was assigned. Officially the network should be transferred with all equipment and clients which are registered with this network. The buyer should be ready to confirm this information, in case of a call or e-mail from RIPE hostmater. In certain cases placing the information of network purchase on Buyer website will be convincing proof for the RIPE NCC.

Yes. It is possible. If the transfer will be official it will be necessary to specify to the RIPE NNC that the network will be used only as it was assigned, that was only the company's owner change. If registration will be informal, i.e. you do not change the owner of the network in DB RIPE, you simply begin to announce your network in another DC.

Yes. It is possible. But RIPE can revert all changes and send a letter to know the reason of changes. The company could change the legal address or moved to another country. Whatever the network should be used on the same purpose as it was assigned.

Yes. It is possible. But the network should be used on the same purpose as it was assigned and in the countries which are dedicated to the RIPE region.

Provider Aggregatable (PA) addresses are assigned from LIRs' (Local Internet Registrators) blocks. PA addresses are routing within LIR blocks. Aggregation possibility in large-size blocks is an advantage of this type of addresses. Provider-independent (PI) addresses are assigned from RIR (Regional Internet Registry, in our case — RIPE) blocks.

No. It is not possible. It only can be rent from the LIR.

Yes. Such transaction is possible at mutual desire of Seller and Buyer. The seller simply gives the password from MNT, and the Buyer changes the password. (In case the seller has more networks, he creates the other MNT and transfer the selling network to this MNT). Risk of the Seller: If the Seller has other networks and the sold network will get to the SpamHaus black list, there is a possibility that all others will get also. Risk of the Buyer: the Seller can request the password restoration as the lawful owner of the network.

No. To buy only one AS separately from the block of addresses is impossible. You can request it with the help of any LIR.

Yes. It is possible. We will help you and we will give a full explanation of procedure of the password change if it will be necessary on terms of transaction. Or you can ask your LIR.

Most likely, it will not affect the work of usual clients, unless they will decide to make the personal post server. But we can advise you several steps which may help you to remove the network from the black list.

If you already have other networks they can be listed, if it will be a wrongful activity on the new network from the SpamHaus point of view.

We can help you to choose the LIR. We cooperate with several large Local Internet Registrators (LIR's). Or you can become a LIR yourself.

If you have any questions you didn’t find in the section FAQ you can contact us. Don’t hesitate to ask.