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LIR status

Now many companies consider becomeштп a LIR themselves. RIPE assigns the last /8 for LIRs, but not more than /22 to one company. One time payment to RIPE NCC is 2,000 euros , plus 1,400 euros annually, which are shares on quarter payments (350 euros).So your first payment will be 2350 euros.

You can read about Charging Scheme here http://www.ripe.net/ripe/docs/ripe-591.

Unfortunately this pleasure is not cheap. However, it allows you to receive /22 (1024 addresses) PA network, a large block of IPv6 addresses (from /to 32 up to /29) and the autonomous system (if necessary) with the help of experienced hostmaster (a person who sends a request).

If you already have blocks of addresses, the LIR status will allow you to reduce the cost of annual pay for the support of these objects. Status also implies the ability to buy PA blocks officially. In the LIR portal you will be able to view the PA addresses for sale.

Also being LIR means that you have a nice opportunity to participate in various kinds of activities that are often held by RIPE. You will receive in your email all materials for meetings, discussions.

We can get the LIR status for you and guarantee the assignment of /22 (1024 addresses) PA block, IPv6 block of addresses (from /29 upto /29) and AS (if necessary).

The cost of our services is 1000 euros. If you need assistance and help in the creation of a legal entity, it is discussed separately.


To become LIR with our help, we will need to go with you step by step procedure:

  1. We submit a request on your behalf to obtain the status of LIR.
  2. You will receive the confirmation of the request and the invoice on your email. Also RIPE will send you a letter by DHL with the agreement and the bill.
  3. We can ask RIPE for a DHL tracking number . Shipping usually takes no more than two days.
  4. In the letter you will find the paid envelope back, the paper invoice and the contract with RIPE. You will need to sign it and send it back.
  5. In that time you have to pay the first invoice from RIPE. (If you have difficulty paying bills abroad, we can help to solve this problem with a small commision).
  6. As soon as RIPE NCC will get the payment and the signed agreement you will get the LIR portal access and the email with confirmation of your new status.
  7. Than we can request the /22 PA network, IPv6 network and AS if necessary.


You need to prepare a list of documents and the following data:

  1. Scan of the company registration papers;
  2. Full telephone and fax number with country and area codes;
  3. Full company name;
  4. Name of the person who will take the paper mail, his email and phone;
  5. Name of the admin, on whose behalf we will send the requests for the LIR status and blocks of addresses, his telephone and email address with access (IP server, username and password) for us in your domain (or a password for a free mail server like gmail.com);
  6. Website;
  7. Full name of the director;
  8. Full post address;
  9. Preferred short ID like UA.COMPANY;
  10. A list of your PI addresses (networks), at least one address from the upstream provider;
  11. List of equipment (routers, switches, servers) used in your network.

We work on a prepaid basis. The first part of the amount you pay before work and the rest after the networks assignment.

Contact us and we will always help you.