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ASN Leasing

We offer to leasing ASN recourse for using in accordance with the RIPE policy. Addresses will registered to your organization or person. Your data will be displayed during whois requests. Leasing price includes support and maintenance of these objects in the RIPE database, assistance and advice in using the RIPE database and managing objects. The objects are assigned in accordance with the contract guaranteeing the provision of services and the possibility of using the objects for an agreed time.

Why do I need to have ASN?

You may need own ASN number to communicate with other ISPs and IXs in the Internet and setup our router BGP protocol. In this case we are as an LIR (local internet registry) do registration of the ASN for your company at RIR (regional internet registry) as RIPE NCC.

Why do I need to lease ASN or many ASNs ?

In some cases you need to announce your IP prefix from different parts of the internet, different countries and cities. In this case we can assist and announce your space from our Datacenters and POPs (point of presents).

The costs are approximate. Specify a more precise offer by request. The cost may vary depending on the destination.

Please contact us for more information by email.