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AS registration

How much does it cost to register AS?

The cost of autonomous system registration is 100 Euro for corporate customers

The annual RIPE object support costs 150 Euro for corporate customers, end users and private individuals without document support with document support and bank transfers. Total costs for the 1st year is 250 Euros and next years 150 Euro only.

What does AS mean?

AS (autonomous system) — this is the unit which determines the networks routing policy. AS has a unique number (ASN), required to exchange routing information with other AS, which is carried out by BGP protocol.

Why do you need AS?

Autonomous system is necessary when you need to have multiple connections to several operators simultaneously, to participate in traffic exchange points, to pass without downtime from one DC to another. With your own autonomous system you don’t need any readjustments of the end-user equipment during the change of link channels, you can change the channel priority of one over the other, you don’t depend on the provider IP-addresses, and a lot of other benefits.

AS types

Autonomous system number can be 16-bit or 32-bit.

Requirements for AS registration

AS number is assigned only when the network is «multi-homed», i.e. has at least two connections to the Internet, and has a unique routing policy. You have to agree with two upstream providers and name to us their autonomous systems, which will be connected to your AS in the future.

What should you do after the AS registration?

To announce the new AS to other autonomous systems, i.e. to get the access to the world network, you need to configure the router, which will provide information about your autonomous system by BGP protocol (Border Gateway Protocol). BGP is a routing protocol by which BGP-router keeps in its memory map of routes to all other routers in the network, and tells the other nodes through which routes IP-address are reachable.

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