Due to the the fact that on 14th September 2012 the RIPE NCC distributed the final IPv4 address and no new IPv4 Provider Independent (PI) space can be assigned, we offers Buyers a complete solution to the challenges of acquiring IPv4 number blocks to fuel their Internet service growth. We provide our clients with the benefit of our in-depth knowledge of the global market for IPv4 number blocks.

  • We are the guarantor of your safe transaction. That's why we will help you to carry out all money transactions.
  • We bear responsibility for all stages of official deal.
  • We can receive the payments in all acceptable ways for you.
  • Each Seller is going through rigorous documentation control to confirm its IPv4 assets ownership.
  • We can assist you in LIRs amalgamation.
  • We can also help you become LIR and get a clear /22 PA network (1024 addresses) and Ipv6 block of adresses.


About Us

We offer brokerage services for buyers and sellers of IPv4 blocks of addresses. We can help you to rent or to lease your IPv4 block, to get the status LIR, to register IPv6 block or AS. We have more than 10 years of successful cooperation with RIPE NCC.

Contact Us

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Ukraine, Kiev: +38-044-331-04-96
Czech Republic: +42-023-409-38-92
United Kingdom: +44-203-769-18-56

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